For without doubt in the remembrance of allah do hearts find satisfaction

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Thakerni Features

Thakerni is the most complete Islamic app in the app store that contains all Muslims supplications and remembrance that are listed in the same order they were introduced in “hissin al muslim”

  • Classifications

    Supplications and remembrance classified into categories and sub-categories

  • Daily Notifications

    never miss reading your daily remembrance and supplications

  • Autoplay

    you can hear all supplications tidily repetitive without even touching your iphone

  • Search

    Thakerni contains robust search engine, enables you to search by content or by category name

  • Design

    Clear design, attractive, simple, unique and easy to use

  • Customization

    You can save category in your favorite list,customize font size and change the language Thakerni available in 13 languages


Thakerni contains more than 300 supplications categorized into 8 categories each category contains sub-categories, for example you can access 'wake up supplications' from morning and evening supplications

HQ Audio

Hear your daily remembrance and supplications with high quality audio wherever you are , with autoplay mode feature Thakerni will repeat supplications automatically if it should be repeated

Daily notifications

With ability to set daily reminder at specific time,you will never miss to read or hear your daily remembrance. From application settings you can enable or disable notifications settings


Thakerni App Video

Video that show some of thakerni features

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